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about me

Height: 6"   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Bald/Dark Brown


English (Trans-Atlantic); Portuguese (Fluent / Certified to Teach); French; Italian/Spanish (Semi- Fluent); Accents (French, Asian – Indian, Zam Afro English); Arch Left Eyebrow; Whistles through clenched teeth; Tai Chi; Swimming; Snorkeling; Bunji Jumping; Cooking; Automatic and Standard Driver; Good with Kids and Animals; First Aid Certified


Theater / Missing Piece    |   Of Mice and Men   |   2012  |   Lead Actor

...but it is Paulo de Sousa’s flawless take on Lennie that will stay with you... from Solid Take ona Classic Tale - L.A.Times Affiliate - The Burbank Leader

YALE Cabaret / Ohio Theater  |   Pornographic Angel   |   2007  |   Lead

Lusaka National Play House   |   Rocky Horror Show / Grease   |   TBC  |   Lead


Lightstorm Entertainment (Robert Rodrigues)   |   Alita Battle Angel  |   2018  |   Supporting

Universal Pictures (Sydney Pollack)   |   The Interpreter   |   2005  |   Principal

A George Ducker Joint    |   A Hole in Tiger Mountain  | Lead

Training & Workshops

Lee Strasbourg Film and Theater Institute   |   New York City


"Hard Knocks" | Globally

Black Nexxus inc    |     New York City    |    X-Actor classes with Susan Batson


Bud Weiman Acting Studio    |     Johannesburg, South Africa

British Council and USAID Workshops    |    Lusaka, Zambia

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