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What's up



Current Projects


Ohio Theatre
66 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012

September 6-30
Thurs-Sat: 8pm
Sun: 7pm



The Pornographic Angel

In collaboration with Lord Strange
productions, Tantrum Theater is currently
in rehearsals for The Pornographic Angel,
an adaptation of six short stories
by Brazilian playwright Nelson Rodrigues.


The Pornographic Angel performances:

July 9-15th,
Yale University Caberet, New Haven, CT

September 6-30th,
Ohio Theater, New York City, NY

From the director

"It was not lightly that Brazilian playwright, fiction writer, chronicler, and journalist Nelson Rodrigues called himself a "pornographic angel..." In spite of describing his dramatic work as an "unpleasant theatre," Rodrigues elegant and poetic language earned him the place of Brazil's most acclaimed playwright to date...The Pornographic Angel takes as its point of departure a small selection of these wonderful short stories. As strange puzzle pieces, together they unravel Rodrigues' troubled psychological world, the innermost shames and desires of Rio de Janeiro's middle class in the 1950s and 1960s; they are also, and nonetheless, fragments of what could be any audience member's most feared nightmares. A quotidian event, a simple gesture, a missed look, an unreturned kindness, or the turn of the page; unsuspected events that leave his characters astonished as they wrestle with this most damned angel: passion gone wrong...We invite you, too, to look through the keyhole; The Pornographic Angel is all but a glance, a fortuitous incursion into the silent and irreparable moment of loss, a bitter and yet irresistible look into life as it is."


Tantrum Theatre -

The mission of Tantrum Theater is to investigate performance craft through long-term research and collaboration among artists in different areas of theater-making. Performance projects are created by drawing from a variety of narrative genres with interest in how sound, movement, and visual elements can create a theatrical experience that is both personal and collective. By emphasizing physical and vocal training, Tantrum Theater's work is meant to stimulate both the artist's and the spectator's understanding of what theatre can be. Tantrum Theater can be reached at



Five Kinds of Silence

“Five Kinds of Silence” by Shelagh Stephenson, won the 1996 Writers Guild Award for Best Original Radio Play and the 1997 Sony Award for Best Original Drama in the United Kingdom. The highly acclaimed stage version of this play tells the story of a family in which control has become the driving force, where everything has its place, and where there are only rules, duties and punishments.

“Five Kinds of Silence begins with a murder, but this is no whodunit, for we see the killers and the killing. Nor is it a "why did they do it?" for we know from the first speech that the victim, Billy, is a wife-beater and it is soon revealed that he physically and sexually abused his two daughters, Janet and Susan, for a period of decades, not just years. What the play does is to look at the effects on the abused and, through a series of set piece speeches (one immediately before and the others after death), the motivation of the abuser”. HTTP://WWW.BRITISHTHEATREGUIDE.INFO/ARTICLES/040600C.HTM


Future Projects


Wake” – Pre-Production as Director

The unfound trauma of birth, shocks us into a lifelong search for someone to take over from the initial separation.
A portrait of a love affair is brought to Wake, by Milo an erotic fiction writer.
We follow him through a determined investigation of the complexities of love and why he fears it so tremendously.
After spending weeks observing characters, he finally stumbles upon his muse Aurea ,a photographer moonlighting as a waitress, and the 3-month love story begins.
Allowing these two characters to be the entire cast enables us to capture the central theme, when we’re in love everything else fails to exist.
Milo tickles our imagination with the wonderment of what is real, what is fiction, and what is simply metaphor for life?
Through the stillness of photographs, the portraiture captured become vignette like, giving Wake the freedom to explore a European style of film making which is complementary to its stylized message and its erotic drama genre.



"Withnail & I," as Uncle Monty.

What's done

Film & TV

  • Sydney Pollack's "The Interpreter" - now on DVD- as the Portuguese Janitor opposite Nicole Kidman, also staring Sean Penn.

  • William J. Bourassa Jr. - "Vial" - Independent short film (45 Minutes) - in post-production.

  • Amy Miketic/Liquid Courage Productions Inc. - "Father" - Independent short film - in post-production.

  • Joe Christiana's "The Goad" - Now on the festival circuit.



  • "The Asphalt Kiss,"performed at 59E5,  with an English translation by Alex Ladd, and directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde, produced by Lord Strange Company.  As a man lies dying from a hit-and-run accident on a busy Rio street, a male stranger comes to his aid and fulfills his dying wish for a kiss. An unscrupulous reporter, eager to feed a scandal-hungry public, witnesses this kiss and turns a simple act of human compassion into salacious front-page news. While the Good Samaritan tries to hide from the tabloid spotlight, his entire life is turned into a media circus up until the final shocking conclusion. Veteran actor Charles Turner leads the cast of "The Asphalt Kiss," which features Joe Capozzi, Arlene Chico-Lugo, Paul de Sousa, Jessica Kaye, Paul Klementowicz, James Martinez and Dawn McGee.

  • "Galaxy Video II" by Marc Morales - Co-Producer - Edge of Insanity

  • "Cheers & Tears - a fundraiser" by Marc Morales - Produced.